Saturday, July 4, 2009

Termites, Bed Bugs.. Ewwwww !

It’s been a while since we had an almost complete clean up day since we all got busy. Mom decided to schedule one weekend to throw away clutter and unnecessary things. Mom asked our helper to clean the old house of my grandmother which we turned into a stock room. It was only then we realized that some of the wood floorings and walls have been eaten up by termites. It was so nasty that they need to chip off some parts so that it will not spread further. Not only that some of the boxes that use to hold our stuff was affected too and those termites just got some great appetite in eating and destroying things. I think they will have to treat the flooring and the walls with chemicals over the weekend to kills those pesky termites. Ewww they are got so gross.

Other pests that can be so annoying are bed bugs and these lil’ creatures not only love living in mattresses but they also can be found on picture frames, electrical outlet plates and even furniture. If we keep our surrounding dirty then they’ll tend to live in there and bed bugs can be itchy. Just imagine yourself lying on your beds while they are crawling, that’s creepy and you’ll end up with reddish, itchy skin because they have been bitten you all night.

So have you cleaned your place lately? Start checking you place and you might find that your place is already attacked by these pesky pests.

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