Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Memorable ThingsThat I Have Done Before

1. Snorkeling at the THE GREAT BARRIER Reef in Australia, a once in lifetime adventure to be there.
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2. Rode a roller coaster ride (Scooby Doo) unknowingly, my niece tricked me on this one. I almost faint bec. I have fear of heights and any ride that goes up and down. Arghhh.. poor me!
3. Swam at what I thought was shallow pool water and I almost die drowning while vacationing in Australia. My angel (broinlaw) saved me.
4. Close encounters with kangaroos, emu, camel and more.
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5. Went sailing on a boat during a bad weather. Our boat was already tilting to the sides but our captain kept us cool and he made it safely back to shore. Quite scary but fun as well.
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I am many other memorable things that I have done but that's it for now. This is a fun meme. Come join us at Give Me Five.


  1. Wow, your list is very adventurous! Sounds like wonderful times :) Thanks for playing the GM5 meme and thanks for linking back to BeccA's Buzz so your readers can also play along if they want to. Have a great day!!

  2. Looks like that was the vacation of a life time with loads of great memories. I'd bet it was hard to stop at just 5.



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