Monday, August 17, 2009

From Working Mom to WAHM

My bestfriend RACE finally resigned from her work at a company she worked for over 16 years (wow!). She wanted this for so long and now she finally have the freedom to do the things at her own phase and time. I am guessing that it is only a little over a month now that she's not hurrying up to dress up early for work.

Now that she is a wahm she has all the time to devote to her house, husband and most especially the kids. There are times she'd say that she's busy with her kids' school activities but I know she enjoys every minute of it. I even teased her that she became busier when she resigned from work because of all the household and other matters that she needs to attend. I am not sure if she also needs to deal with finding the best diet pills for her.. Hahaha. I don't think she'll need that yet, (wink). Right now, I presume that she has adjusted from being a career woman to a wahm (work at home mom).

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  1. Well, I think your friend made the right decision of resigning from her office work and now a work at home mom. She deserves a warm welcome to the WAHM community. There's so much opportunity that will come along her way...


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