Thursday, August 20, 2009

Glo's Riot Online Birthday Party!

just have to blur the screenshot of our YM conference

It was the birthday of our online friend GLO (who is in the US) last August 18 and we all stayed up late for her online party. I'm glad I've been invited. Everyone was so excited and it was around 11 pm (Pinas time) when Glo invited us for the YM conference and one by one entered and greeted her Happy Birthday.

The riot begins.....We are about 20 who are online that time and just imagine how hard it is to read each one's messages. Some are really so kulit and wacky, even making their fonts bigger and bold. LOL. It was a bit interrupted when some got disconnected on the chat so we just continued at twitter.

The contest begins that makes everyone more excited because the prizes are just awesome. Glo gave questions about her or things that she like and we need to answer it. It was just soooo fun. I didn't win but I had so much fun!

I just envy the winners like Peachy who got the best price.. an authentic Coach bag for doing the last task. (drawing a pig , taking a photo of it and putting it on Glo's facebook wall). Others won makeup stuff and more. We all had a great time and I think it was around 1 am when the party finished. Glo was so generous, it's her birthday but she's the one who gave us lotsa gifts. Happy birthday again Glo, may God continue to shower you with more blessings!!

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