Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping Thoughts

My online friends are going ga-ga over their loots at causeway the past week and I only knew about it when I read their messages on twitter. I was tempted to order some nice blouse but I really told myself that I need to save some money for my upcoming HK trip and there maybe I can splurge shopping with my sisters. I just can’t wait for December to come so that we can shop at the different factory outlets there like Esprit and more. I hope I can still discipline myself from not shopping here but with the looks of it, I’ll be shopping soon since my birthday is coming as well.

I found myself looking for something to give myself as a birthday gift online. I am thinking of getting watch(es) and bag once again as I know I deserve it. I just hope I can really grab the Cole Haan leather bag that I am eyeing but thinking about the price makes me want to back out.

Anyway, my online friends would drool to see some of classic and sophisticated dresses of vera wang. I know Kathy would love her pieces, I only thought that Vera Wang only make nice gowns but I learned through that she also makes dresses and recently wedding invitations as well.

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