Monday, August 17, 2009

WS: The Cook

Project 365: The Cook

Yesterday, I am the cook. It is very as in very seldom that I cook for our meal but this time is different because I decided to cook a very special meal for my family.

Instead of going out to eat somewhere where it will cost me more, I decided that I will cook instead. Last night (sat.) , I already prepared my special FRUIT (buko) salad that my whole family loves.

I also cooked BUFFALO WINGS, CRAB WITH OYSTER SAUCE, AND CHILI CRAB. I will share some photos later with their recipes.

Here, I am showing the crab that I fried. Excuse my look here, I look messy as it is so hot in the kitchen that time.


  1. hi bes yung recipe ko ha! learning to cook ha, looks as if you have plans of ...... lol!


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