Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally I Got to Scrap

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It took me sometime to open my photoshop and scrap my PROJECT 365 (Photo-a-Day) photos once again as I became busy these past few days but this afternoon I got a spare time to do that. I already finished scrapping till Week 4 of August and half of Week 5.

Some of the photos that I took each day were still in the memory card and I have to download them so I can scrap them. Thanks to the template that I am using because it's making my life easy..LOL I must admit that I think I have 2 days that I wasn't able to take a photo so I will just put other photo for that day (konting daya hehe).

I am too busy but it's September already so I don't want to stop it. I know I will make another great Photobook for this.

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