Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Became A Pet Lover

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I can't really recall the year when we had a pet dog. If my memory serves me right it was still in the '80s in my high school days when we have an "askal" dog named brownie. Wow it's been so many years and the reason for that is my mom actually don't like to have a dog around. I can't blame her because sometimes we are just too lazy enough to clean their poo hahaha.

In the photo is SOPHIE, a mix breed of Shitzu and Daschund that my brother bought at a friend. We got her around March this year and now she is around 8 months old. At first, mom didn't approve of having one (but my brother is persistent to have one) but later on she cares for her already that she even bought Sophie her stainless cage.

We don't keep her in the house, though we allow her from time to time (that is if she smells good lol). Sophie made us smile with her little antics but she get real playful most of the times that we sometimes don't approve of. I love it when she wiggles her tails when she sees me in the morning and when I came home at night. I use to play with her alot and they told me it's my baby hahaha.

She surely has captured our hearts and she made me a pet lover!!! I even thought of buying her some toys and this Dog Toys Coupons will be of help. Sad to say though that lately she had some flea infection (yay!) and we don't want that to get out of control so we'll bring her to the vet. I just wish she'll get well soon.

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  1. Ayyyyy....humanda ka...puntahan ko si sophie jan...este ikaw pala...grrr ang cute!!!!


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