Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today September 13th is the Grandparents Day and has been popular in the US and Canada but we have adopted it here too. Sad to say that I don't have any grandparents anymore both on my mom and dad's side.

It was an ordinary Sunday for us here, didn't celebrate it with a party or something but we just had a nice lunch. Just wanted to share a photo of my mom together with some of her "apos" (Grand children) taken in 2008. Though it's not taken today during Grandparents day but this photo is special for mom as she had a photo with my nephews and nieces. It is seldom that they get together because some of them are living in Riyadh and Sydney. I hope they will be complete this year.
They all had fun together with their grandma and when I told them to pose funny, look at what they have come up hahahaha!!! A precious moment to cherish. Happy Grandparents Day!!


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