Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swish Embassy Online Store

Online shopping has become one of the favorites of shop-aholics as sometimes it is where we can find rare pieces that we don’t normally find on a regular store, plus the fact that we can find almost anything online by just merely taking the time to scour all the shopping stores.

I myself have been hooked on some online stores that are US or Hongkong based and have been also to several local sellers doing business at Multiply sites. I must say that it is always tempting to buy especially since my birthday and Christmas is coming very soon.

It was also interestingly to know that there’s also an online store that specifically caters for gay community. Swish Embassy, is an online store based in Canada which is owned and operated by a gay, has been offering casual humor tees, flirty and dirty tees, premium tees and even accessories and undergarments. Gay T-Shirts are fun, is often suggestive but not too vulgar and can be perfect piece of would-be conversation. Gay shirts have gained popularity in countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands and who knows it might be in your country as well. Their t-shirt prices ranges from $22.95 up and they on-going sale right now. Should you be interested just browse their online gallery.

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