Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Intermittent / On and Off Internet Connection

Oh dear I'm getting piqued with my Smart bro internet connection since Friday because it has intermittent or on and off net connection. It was around 5 pm when my net connection at my shop got busted and yesterday it went off again at 7 pm. I already called their customer service and unfortunately he told me that there is a problem with the base in which I am connected. Argghhh. it was only this noon that the service got back!

I was only relived because I have connection here at home to continue my work BUT holy cow my connection right now is ON and OFF as well !!!! I have to blame the heavy rains because I noticed that after the rains my connection will be on and off already.

Oh I can see my net is on now, i have to publish this now!

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  1. did you know na nagtaray ako sa mga yan...kabwisit kc, grrrr...kaya lumipat ako sa globe hehehe! gusto ko sabunutan ung gurl don, walang alam isagot kundi, ah yan po nasa system namen...and i said...wag ka ngang sumistem system jan! amp. naku tameme siya aba eh yung deposit namen kinain nila and worst eh d naman kami nakabitan...


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