Friday, September 18, 2009

She Wants To Be a Blogger too!

A former highschool classmate of mine called on the phone last week while I was home working. I thought she will talk about our meeting but it turned out to be that she was interesting in blogging because she overheard about it on our last meeting. She asked me if I can teach her on how to start her own blog so I told her sure.

She’s really interested on being a blogger so last Tuesday she went to my shop and we had a blogger 101 lessons. We already made a blog for her but till now she hasn’t updated it yet .lol… I hope she remembered all the pointers that I gave her and I even told her that she should have passion or at least a desire to write and update. Good luck to her, I’ll be monitoring her new blog if she’s updating.


  1. hi sis, thanks for the EC drops.

    good luck to you and your friend. it is exciting to know that there are others out there that are interested to be part of the blogsphere..

    i also have an officemate whom I taught how to create her own blog. and u know what she did after she had her own blog? she treat me to a spa for a body scrub and massage :-)

    the benefits of blogging, hehehe...

  2. Maybe you could post a link to her blog so we can all encourage her, maybe when it's quite up and running :)

  3. It was my husband who encouraged me into blogging after he saw me posting our pictures in a forum.

    maybe you can tell your friend to take a look on this Blogging 101 (WordPress 101) --> where she can watch a step-by-step video instructions.

    God bless your in helping other people!

  4. @MYA- wow how nice of your office to treat you for a spa.

    @ LET ME HEAR FROM YOU- I will post her blog if she has update already, right now she only had one sentence on it hehe

  5. @ MARGOT - thanks for the link on your video tutorial .. other will find this helpful as well.

    thanks for the visit and comment


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