Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the Lookout for a New Second Hand Van

We just sold our vehicle few months back and now brother is looking for a replacement. Nope we are not eyeing for a brand new one since we have only a limited budget for it. Bro already looked at Sulit website for second hand vans and cars and have actually physically seen some for sale but they have not purchased any yet since he is looking for a van with a nice body still and not much repair needed on it.

My bro and his friends were talking about the engines and other vehicle stuff and if my eavesdropping is correct they must see to it that the chassis no. and body no. should be indicated properly in the vehicle’s papers before they can buy it. These days you know there are lots of carnapped cars where parts from other vehicles are put together to form a new one. We can’t hide the fact that this modus operandi of crooks really happens and we should be careful about it. We don’t want to end up buying a carnap vehicle anyway.

My brother also is seeing to it as much as possible not much repairs on the vehicle is needed as it is hard to maintain vehicles these days as parts and repair fee have gone up as well. For those with money and have luxury cars like Lexus, they need to maintain it really well and some have even get a job design body kit from ISG just to make them look more in style and with high performance.

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