Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping in Touch Online

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It was about 2 Sundays ago when I buzzed my sister JOY who is in Sydney with her family at YM. It's been a while since we did see each other at the webcam so I thought it's a perfect time to do this since some of my nephews and nieces were also present so they can see them as well.

We also had the chance to see her 2 growing kids Bianca and Braiden but unfortunately Micah was not there at that time since she was working during the weekend. We all had a nice chat eventhough the voice connection sucks at Yahoo Messenger. We should have used SKYPE where the voice's clarity is much better and the video is much clearer and not freezing.
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Here you'll see my mom was talking to her grandchildren. Funny thing is that she can't clearly hear the kids answer bec. it is choppy and aside from that we all know that Australian English is way too different from American English. I myself have a hard time understanding it as well when I was in Australia. Hahaha they have a different accent and form of words.

Anyway, we had a grand time chatting with them and we are too excited to see them (whole family) in December when they will have a vacation here.

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  1. JOy of when mom talks? must be, I can recognize her two kids from the back ground :)

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