Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ouchh It Hurts

Oh my goodness, my varicose veins are hurting once again tonight and it's interfering with my work. The pain in my left leg is actually going up that I needed to stand up once in a while. Blame it on my long hours of sitting down in front of my computer but can I do my work requires me to be like that.

Right now I wrapped my left leg with a stretchable bondage haha that's what you'll get when you are getting old and with sedentary lifestyle.. booo.. Oh well at least eventhough I am immobile most of the times I am still productive bec. it's my brain that is working and I am getting paid for it hehe. Anyway, I am just trying to reason out haha.

I know I need to put my feet up when I am resting so that the blood will circulate but geez I'm too lazy to do that but there are times that I am doing that. I am not also wondering why I have these imfalmed varicose veins because it also runs in the family. They say it's hereditary too.

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