Saturday, September 5, 2009

They Want An Uprgrade

My nephews and niece love playing games online and offline. Yeah, we do permit them from time to time as long as they will do all their homeworks and at limited time only. These days more and more kids are nearly inseparable from computer games that sometimes it is already getting in the way their studies.

It's weekend once again so for sure they will bug their moms to play in their computer and PS like that way they bug me for an upgrade to an PS3 this Christmas. I am not sure yet if I will grant their request but my other nephew Dither is really doing good in school, in fact, he has the highest grade in MATH in the whole grade-6 this 1st grading. I know he'll ask for a treat at Jollibee once again hehe.

With regards to the PS3.. hmm we'll see, maybe her aunt in Saudi or Sydney can him that. Paging sisters!!! hehe

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