Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do Men Love Cars?

Sure… men love cars! I can see a lot of men whose reading this nodding their heads and smiling from ear to ear. If men love cars then women bags, shoes and shopping and that what makes us different. So why do men love cars? I can still remember my brothers when we were just kids, mom used to buy them plastic toy cars and my bro then would jump for joy playing with them. As they grow older they still love cars and this time not just plastic but those metal cars like the Hot Wheels.

These days eventhough they have kids of their own they still from time to time collect toys like this Ferrari toy cars that one of my bro is collecting. He said eventhough it’s not a real one because he can’t afford to buy one in the first place, his love for luxury and high performance car will never cease.

I know a lot of guys who are into real cars and would you believe they even talk about it over and over again, bragging about it. It is their cherish possession, the extension of their selves and one piece of a topic that they will never get tired of talking about. How much more if they have those luxury and expensive cars, chances are they will be maintaining it or taking care of it more than usual. Guys will also go crazy with car enhancements, whether it be from simple putting new stereo to adding car body kits, i know they will not stop until they can see their machines “manly” with high attitude and performance. And oh btw, they love speed.

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