Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas in the Philippines

As most of you know, Christmas spirit here in the Philippines starts very early as soon as the “BER” months (SeptemBER) step in and that makes us unique from all other nations. You can actually hear Christmas songs playing on the radio that wants to gear up people for the coming festive events. Christmas decors have slowly been installed in the malls and during these days almost all of the malls are already clad with colorful lights and glittering Christmas trimmings. As Christmas approaches expect more shine and sparkle on the streets and on some houses as well.
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Eventhough the some people may feel a bit hopeless or depressed due the recent calamities; Pinoys will surely rise above every tragedy and will still make their Christmas a merry one. After all, Pinoys are always known to give a smile although they are suffering.

This year I decided that I will buy Christmas card early. I hope I can go to the bookstore by early November to buy Christmas cards so that I can post them (overseas) as soon as possible. I don’t want to receive it after the holidays like what happened 2 years ago when I post them a bit late.

Now, if you have no time to go out to buy, you can opt to purchase your own personalized christmas cards online. There are wide array of designs to choose as well. I recommend that if you decide to purchase this way, better order now bec. we all know that when holidays are nearing they will lots of orders.

Just thinking about the coming holidays makes me want to jump for joy. Actually, I’m already keyed up over it. What about you are you getting excited as well?

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