Monday, October 19, 2009

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 5: Lance & Keri are Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 5
The 8 teams left flew from Cambodia to Dubai. Once there they need to find BURJ DUBAI, the tallest building in the world to find their next clue. They've proceeded to Dubai Dessert Conservation Center to do the
ROAD BLOCK: Find water-
need to find urns and fill their water bags
FAST FORWARD- finished by Meghan and Cheyne-
- DETOUR: Build a snowman or find a snowman
Here's the team standing
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Brian and Ericka
3.Flight Time & Big Easy
4.Gary & Matt
5. Sam & Dan
6.Maria & Tiffany
7.Mika & Canaan
8. LAST and ELIMINATED: Lance & Keri

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