Friday, October 9, 2009

MCITP Certification for IT Professionals

Who would have thought that we’ve come to this age where computers and technology will go hand-in-hand? It’s an every changing world and we must also keep ourselves abreast with the evolving times especially on info tech or information technology. These days we have seen almost everyone have one way or another used computers while some are literally using it everyday just like in my case. Though I spend most of my waking hours using the computer and the Internet that doesn’t mean that I am an IT expert already.

I have a little know how on basic troubleshooting but when it comes to software or hardware and other applications; I immediately resign myself from doing that. I have my professional computer technician anyway who can fix all of my net café computers just in case the trouble is already beyond my understanding.

I have a pure admiration to all those IT professionals who have great knowledge about computers, troubleshooting, software/hardware and other terms that they themselves have mastered. A simple course in IT and simple application of it after graduation are not enough to make you a fully certified IT technician or expert.

IT world is fast developing and to keep them at its level, IT experts must also undergo trainings and have certifications. One such important certification is that of Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification or the MCITP certification which you can only achieve by attending boot camps or training program.

Just recently, cbt planet, an IT training provider, announces that they are including MCITP on their roster of trainings in 2010. A great opportunity and one of the good training ground for students who are willing to subject themselves to rigorous education in achieving one of the most well regarded certification in the IT industry. An edge that they will definitely want to have.

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