Thursday, October 8, 2009

Massive Blackout , No Net Left Me Unproductive

We are all stunned last night when the power went off. I thought it will just be for a couple of minutes or so but it's not. We heard at the news later on that a power plant caught fire and that causes the massive blackout in the areas of Rizal, Pasig and some parts of Manila.

We lost power last night at 9 pm - till 5 am this morning. Then 11 pm till 2 pm again. When the power went back, I went to check my net connection at my store but we have NO NET !!!! I called Smart and told me that the base which I am connected is having troubles too and the call center agent told me that it will take about 24 hours to be repaired. What???? What a lucky day.. I end up closing my store very early at 5 pm.

I went home and luckily we have power. I hurriedly submitted 1 online task , did some EC droppings and Adgitizing, but at around 7 pm the power went off again and it came back just now at 9:30 pm. I guess there'll be rotation of blackout on different places and we are expecting more if this till Monday.. arghhhh!

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