Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Blogging Evolution

I have couple of friends and relatives who just recently knew that I’m into blogging and they were quite amazed at how it really works and how can I receive extra moolah for that. I even told them I have multiple blogs that I keep on my shoulders and I reiterated to them it is no joke and it’s a lot of work to do. I have friends that I taught on how to make a blog and even have a sister who is also doing a part time blogging eventhough she is busy.

Blogging is fun as you can share almost anything that you wanted plus it’s a bonus when you have constant readers. I started blogging way back in 2005 in a free hosted blog format and that is at bravejournal and would you believe it is still up and I was able to update it from time to time.

Slowly I opened blogs at blogspot and later on at Wordpress, my blogging has evolved through the years if I can say. As my blogging progresses my choice of moving a step further from free hosted to owning domain name and own hosting as in the case my WP blogs have come to a reality. Choosing what domain name and where to purchase took me a while as I need to know a lot of details about how am I going to redirect my free hosted blogs to my domain names.

Thanks to all those tutorials online and with a lot of researching and asking some friends I was able to redirect my blogs to my domain names though there are times I was a bit frustrated especially when they are not redirecting properly.

Anyway, I know there are still people who are keen of owning blog or a site but don’t know where to start. I suggest you do research online. Make your own blog and choose the right company by reading reviews. Be patient and in no time you’ll be blogging crazy like me.

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