Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Very Much Excited Over the Coming Events

On Sunday (18th) it’ll be the 77th birthday of my mom and right now we are already thinking of what to cook for her special day. Nothing big celebration really cuz it’s only a family Sunday lunch affair. November will also be super special since my sis and I will be celebrating our birthdays too. Though our age is not in the calendar anymore, birthdays are special and a little celebration always makes it more fun and memorable.

December will never be left behind because we are all excited on our HK trip. It’ll be the 1st trip of the family (not everyone though) overseas so we all know that it will be fun. The kids for sure have a blast at HK Disneyland while us girls would definitely hit the shopping areas. I guess I'll also look into those
wall candle sconces if they are much cheaper there.

Aside from all of that our 25th Silver Highschool Reunion will also happen on December and I know this will be a fun gathering most especially when many will attend. Ahhh ... I can't wait for these to happen!!

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