Monday, October 5, 2009

Of Prayers and Meditation

All Filipinos have been praying so hard in the last few days so because we all know that we have been devastated by a very powerful typhoon Ondoy killing lots of people and damaging millions of properties. At the onset of another storm, Typhoon Pepeng which is believed to be a super typhoon as well. Everyone are praying that Manila, Marikina and Rizal will be spared from another surge of rains and flood waters. I think that God has heard our prayers and this new storm luckily didn't wreak havoc on the already battered places like Marikina nd Rizal.

We are so happy and thankful about that but at the time that we are rejoicing those in Northern part had received the mighty winds and rains of the new typhoon and it's sad to hear. Although our country have received a lot of beatings from natural calamities, we are still optimistic that we'll stand on our feet again. Pinoys are very prayerful and it always help us through times of difficulties.

I'm sure not only Filipinos believed in the power of prayers bec. we've come to know that Tibetans and Nepalese have their own religious ceremonies and rituals esp. during the in Ancient times wherein they chant and use musical instruments.Gongs
, singing bowls and more are often used in their ceremonies and in their meditations for peace and harmony. These days you don't need to travel to Tibet or Nepal to get authentic handicrafts bec. at you can already order them.

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