Saturday, October 3, 2009

Panic Buying or Just Getting Prepared?

Hello everyone!! Typhoon Pepeng entered our country and we all prayed that it will not be as destructive as Typoon Ondoy. It is said to be a super typhoon for it carries strong winds and rains and it's already battering northern Luzon. We definitely don't need any rains anymore as we already had enough of that since last week.

I went to the grocery the other day and yesterday and I am not sure if people are getting paranoid of the typhoon because the grocery supplies of Puregold especially the sardines and other canned goods are already out of stock. I guess people are just getting prepared for this typhoon so they stock lots of foods and other necessary things needed. I also noticed that the candles are one of the things that people buy just in case there will be power blackout. I lined up at the counter at the grocery for almost an hour (imagine that) because of the tons of shoppers lining up with their carts full of supplies. I reckon nothing beats being prepared.

ATM at the banks have long lines as well while other banks are still offline due to what happened last weekend. I know with the grace of our Lord things will come back to normal soon. Be safe everyone especially those where places will directly be hit by Typhoon Pepeng.

NOTE: For those wishing to donate for the victims of TYPHOON ONDOY or PEPENG, you can send your donations via REDCROSS, they have paypal payments now. Don't hesitate to give to the less fortunate.


  1. I think some just want to be prepared in case Pepeng proves to be stronger and more furious than Ondoy. Hopefully, it proves to be otherwise. Have a safe day!

  2. Yup. I guess I'm one of those who panicked. Anyway, buying canned goods is like our weekly activity. The supermarket in Ever Gotesco is jampacked as well. hehehe


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