Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recently Acquired

For many months of scouring local online buy and sell site to look for a possible replacement of our old van, finally my brother gave up looking for one. Those that are posted are either overpriced or does not meet the requirements that my bro is looking for. He even took the time to visit vans for sale but aside from having lots of scratches, not complete car accessories
, there's this one seller when bro asked for proper car documents the seller was not able to show right away. Yay we stay away from transactions like that for fear of buying car-napped vehicles.

Anyway, we thought we're not going to buy a nice second hand van not until my mom and bro spotted this Toyota van at a nearby village. They checked the inside and the motor plus the papers and they liked it so they bought it right away that is one day before Typhoon Ondoy came. Right now, my bro is pimping this van and had it checked at a nearby car mechanic shop.

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