Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been Sick

Thank God, I'm fine now.

After having a fever last night I am back on my toes once again and whipping some few blog posts here and there on my several blogs. Early morning yesterday, I already felt cold and some pain in my mouth. I did not mind it so much thinking it was just ordinary and proceeded to go to my store after lunch. More hours passed and I am already getting irritable as I am getting fever already and have difficulty in swallowing. I closed my story early around 6 pm and hurriedly go home with my mom and SIL.

At dinner time I have no more appetite to eat but I forced myself to take a bite or two and drink lots of water.
I was feverish the whole and thought I had tonsilitis, I just drunk mefenamic acid and ascorbic acid and it proves to be helpful. At around 11:30 pm i felt so hungry that I boiled an egg just to have something. I felt quite ok in the morning and just continued my water therapy.

Today, I just stayed at home taking more rest and I'm so happy I'm alive and kickin' once again!!


  1. Welcome back Jenny! Glad to hear that you've recovered! :) Have plenty of rest and water dear.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better Jenny :)


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