Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wishin' I'm an IT Professional

You know lately it had me thinking that I wish I took up IT course way back in my college days. Never has it crossed my mind that it will become in demand in this computer age, so far from the medical course that I took up and never used as well. I reckon being an IT professional these days have lot of opportunities when it comes to getting a job. With the every changing world of technology as well, IT professionals will have the chance to improve their skills and talents through trainings, seminars and more.

This reminds me of my nephew Karlo who is going to graduate (hopefully!!) from Mapua next year with an IT course. He’s been making websites for some companies and has good knowledge about computers and all. All I wish for him is that he’ll be successful in this kind of field. For sure if he’ll just strive hard and be aggressive with his studies and in finding a job, I know he’ll be successful in it.

Though there are also stiff competitions in this kind of field but he must equip himself with proper credentials and of course skills. If you happen to be an IT professional and wishing to enhance your skills esp. about Microsoft Technologies, I suggest you enroll in one of those Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training camps being offered by cbt planet, These kinds of seminars will not only hone your skills but give you an edge in the IT world.

This intense training for Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training camps are guided with professional and expert instructors giving valuable knowledge to all their students. Their camps are situated at Atlanta, Georgia and Sarasota, Florida providing the enrolees nice facilities that is conducive to learning and training. They have announced new schedules of training for the year 2010 and just now it’s never to early to inquire.

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  1. Medical professionals are also in demand these days. What's great is that you have a chance to work abroad. I'm a graduate in Mapua too but in an Engineering field, congrats to your nephew.


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