Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Gifts to Myself

It's my birthday once again on Monday (16th) and like what I always do each year, I went to the mall last week on a shopping spree for my birthday gifts. Last year, I gave myself a new Canon 18-200mm lens and a new 6 Million dollar Crumpler bag as gifts.

This year here are some of the things that I bought when I went to Robinson's Galleria. I bought 3 bags and a wallet 2 of which are everyday bags and the other one is a Nine West bag. I also got Lee jeans, a polo shirt and more.

I just love this Nine West bag and wallet that I bought at Nine West outlet at Robinson's Galleria bec. the size is perfect and the bag is soft. Actually I ordered a leather Coach Zoe bag from Faye but I'm having 2nd thoughts about it bec. I am guessing it was too big for me. Let's see if the bag arrives on Dec. if I will get it.

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  1. Uy advance Happy Birthday!!! lurve the nine west bag, good for your girl- just right to pamper yourself from time to time.

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