Friday, November 13, 2009

Sports Minded

My niece Micah who happens to be a highschool student in Sydney became athletic ever since she migrated there and up to now. She loves sports and other extra curricular activities; in fact, she is into dancing and theatre as well. I think she wants to be in activities where can be active.

I remember she’s even their school representative at the cross-country running and sports carnival winning 1st places and we are so proud of her. I even had the chance to watch a running event where she participated and won. She’s also into swimming, football and cricket (where she endured an injury at one game) and she loves that. Students in Australia are encouraged to go into sports and it’s one of their major priorities in school.

We all can encourage kids to be active most especially in sports because as we can see more kids these days are geared on playing computer games where they are stuck there for several hours. Getting active and mobile once in a while can be good for their health that is why they need to play outside as well.

To let them get started you can install a basketball or football set in your own playground where they can practice and play in their spare time. To make them even more excited if they love NFL, why not give them a uniform of their fave team? I’m sure they will love that. NFL Merchandise can be purchased at and can be a great source of NFL uniforms, accessories and more.

A uniform consists of jersey, pants and helmet and costs $39.99, just choose among the different NFL teams. An NFL locker is also available for only $59.99 which was originally priced at $129.99.

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