Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Results and the Grand Winner: MEGHAN AND CHEYNE of the Amazing Race Season 15

It's Amazing Race time once again and here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Final Results and the Grand Winner of the Amazing Race Season 15 is MEGHAN AND CHEYNE (my fave team). They won $1 million.
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The game was sooooo exciting, I can't wait for the Season 16!!

From Chezch Republic they flew to Las Vegas,
ROADBLOCK: Face first Raffel at Mandalay Bay

~Then they went to THE MIRAGE- where they join the cast of LOVE cirque de soleil. One member must be in a bungee cord and need to bounce to get the flower.
~ T
hey need to find out what is the most famous casino in Monaco where they need to go there. The answer is MONTERCARLO CASINO where they played CHIP COUNTING. Count $1 million worth of chips to get the next clue.
~They need to got to MGM and look for MR. LAS VEGAS, which is WAYNE NEWTON and he'll tell the finish line which is his home.

Here's the team standing: Top 3 of the Amazing Race Season 15
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Sam & Dan
3. Brian and Ericka

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  1. wow, that was a cool contest.. and yeah the price was amazing.. 1million$$$.. Fantastic!!!

    By the way sis, hope you could vote for my daughter for December Pinoy Smile Contest at the link below:

    Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas!!!


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