Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Family HK Vacation soon!

I can already count on my fingers the days that my family will be away for a short vacation in Hongkong. It’ll be for 4days and 3 nights that we will be away this December everyone is actually getting excited over it. The kids are imagining how Disneyland will look like while we adults are thinking about our shopping!!!! I know it will be a blast and we are praying for our good health so our trip will be great. Ahhh I can’t wait.

I know many of us will have a family vacation this holidays and no matter where you go we should take the most out of it and enjoy. Just take the moment to bond with your family and friends since it’s a holiday. Just in case you don’t have plans of going out this year bec. we all know that it’s fully book already, you can perhaps browse for your future family vacation. With the wide array of vacation packages like seaside suites or hidden beach resort that they have there’s no doubt that you’ll find a package that will suit tour budget and travel needs.


  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for dropping off a comment at my post. I am actually keeping my fingers crossed for PLDT DSL sevices (e.g., speed, CSR, etc.).

    Anyways, I am sure you and your entire family will have a blast in Hongkong. Looking forward for your pics when you come back!

    Have a great weekend ahead of you!

  2. Happy trip in your vacay Jenny, and enjoy! Im sure your family will have a blast in your hongkong vacay.

    Thanks for the visit and comments in my worths road.


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