Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally Renewed My Business License

I was out half of the day yesterday to renew my business license at our local municipal hall. I was there a 9 am and it's quite amusing to see only a handful of people renewing to think it's almost deadline. I was in a hurry so that I can finish it before lunch so that I will not come back anymore.

I was with my bro who is renewing as well but I told him that I will do the rest of the steps for him after the assessment. The process is quite easy and fast this year unlike last year but I noticed some few changes with regards to the payments.

I was irked to find out that we still need to pay fire fees separately because it was not included in the assessment and this issue made some people angry. Also we also paid notary of P50 without any receipt issued and our barangay is collecting pictures fee of P15 for barangay clearance even if your photo is not taken and not printed! Holy moly!

I did not complain coz i don't want to get in trouble and to finish the processing fast but you can see the corruption so clearly!! Sigh!!!

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