Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Want Another HP Pavilion Desktop Soon!

Last night, I found myself browsing for an HP desktop online. For some reason, replacing my 3-yr. HP Pavilion desktop that I’m using here on my shop got into me. It’s still working perfectly fine and no sign of breaking down anytime soon but I just wanted to have a much faster processor, a higher memory and bigger hard disc space.

Although I have an extra 500GB hardrive already, i find it a bit of a hassle to plug it in to get the tons of files that I have. I also have the habit of multi-tasking, opening several applications like 2 browsers, Photoshop while printing at one time so a much faster processor is a way to go. My core2duo is great but it would be nice to have a quad or the i7 one.

I saw a nice HP pavilion online with higher specs and a good price so I’ll be scouring computer shops once again. I wanted an HP brand again since it doesn’t gave me a headache. I hope I'll purchase one soon! I gotta save, save, save!
I’m also texting my technician back and forth asking him if ever I change my pc I’ll ask him to network all the computers back again to my pc (I’m the server). I don’t have any knowledge in networking so; I’d just ask a friend to take care of the networking stuff on my net café. For sure those qualified and highly experienced staff at network assessment services are really good and get high paying jobs. How’d I wish I know how to do networking and other computer tech stuff.

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