Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally She's Back in Sydney!

We woke up early at 4 am yesterday because it's Micah's flight back to Australia. We were so stressed out the night before her departure thinking because her luggage is so full and heavy already.

We had it weighed and the luggage is almost 25 kilos, the box that has her RJ guitar weighs almost 7 kilos, her hand carry 10 kilos plus she has her personal bag with her. For sure she'll have an excess luggage.

The departure came and we (mom, bro and I) accompanied Micah at PAL (Phil. Airlines) (terminal 2). I love the PAL terminal bec. it is huge and its spacious can comfortably accommodate those that are arriving and departing. Plus it's easy for us well-wishers to wait.

Anyway, we arrived at 6 am, because her flight is at 9: am. She was a bit nervous bec. of her luggage being overweight. I'm not that nervous because I gave her extra money just in case she will pay for the excess which we thought was around AUS$27 per kilo.

We can see her through the glass and it was her turn and she happily gave us a OK thumb sign that her luggage is ok. We then waited for her outside to give our final goodbyes and give her more instructions. It turned out that she was 4 kilos overweight but the guy let her through w/o any excess baggage payment. We are so relieved! may he be

I guess she was allowed bec. she's only 15 yrs. old and traveling alone. I already spoke to her mom at YM last night and she said she arrived safely in Sydney. Thank God! We're going to miss Micah eventhough she's a bit handful at times. For sure she will back again as she loves it here!

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