Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2009

Ok this is a super duper over late post already but I'm sharing it anyway.. Been too busy to download, resize and upload photos during the holidays that's why.

My sister JOY and her family from Sydney came home for their holidays here in Pinas last Dec. 24th, 2009 till Jan 16, 2010. If you still remember my other sister and relatives met them in Hongkong to spend some time there. Our Hongkong vacation here.

Sis Joy and family spent their Christmas and New Year here in the Philippines. It was the 1st time for her 2 kids to visit our country and I noticed that they really enjoyed their vacation so much. We let them experienced how we spend Christmas and New Year here because it's very much different in Australia.

Our family picture minus my sister Beng and her family.

Here are more photos:
We took the kids to our relatives and they received lots of gifts and money.
From Christmas 2009
It's our family tradition every evening of Dec. 25, we'll have an exchange gifts. We all had fun opening our gifts one by one. I am the one calling each one and handing their gifts, then they will open it. The kids, most especially are the ones excited.

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