Friday, January 15, 2010

My Fervent Wish

If I have my way in our house I’d definitely chuck most of the decors or stuff that are old and so tacky already. The house looks a bit mess with all the stuff that we have accumulated over the years and I guess it’s time to let go of them. I should have got rid of them long time ago but mom would not let me bec. of personal attachments to them. One time I’ll sneak and hide some things and will re-arrange some furniture.

Aside from that my little sentiment also goes to having a more spacious and contemporary bathroom. I have seen lots of model bathroom online, home depots and have been to hotels with nice bathrooms and it’ll be perfect to have one in the house since bathroom is one of the most used place. Comfort is the key to bathrooms and it’s always heaven to pamper oneself in a relaxing room.

I had the chance to browse model bathrooms from and it makes me even more excited to think about our would be bathroom renovation. The ongoing sale will definitely send any shopper not to think twice but grab the chance at this. In my case I still have to consult mom and set aside a budget for it and with the looks of it, a renovation is still on hold until I got a budget for it.

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