Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cold + Fever = Sickie Me

Oh dear, I'm not feeling so well since yesterday. I suddenly got colds and I am guessing it is must be due to weather changes and I got it from my mom who recently got it. I already took medicines since last night and I'm getting better, thank heavens. I can't get sick for a long time because work can't wait that much. I don't want to be swamped and cram on due dates.

I drowned myself with water that contains Fern-C (vitamins) granules that my sisinlaw advised, must be working i guess. Funny thing is that some people who are sick don't have an appetite to eat but today I feel hungry all the time. I ate chips, fried chicken and craved for cake so I asked my niece to buy me at Red Ribbon this afternoon. It's almost midnight now and I'm craving for some crackers or a junk food. Yay, I know it's not healthy because it's oily. It must be one of the causes of adult acne aside from not being able to clean our face properly.

Ok gotta go, I guess i need to drink my medicine for tonight before I hit the sack so that I'll be better tomorrow morning. Night y'all.

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