Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 3 part 2

So you thought my post about our HK trip is finished? Nah, there's more pictures and stories to tell. Here it goes:Our Hongkong Trip: Day 3 part 2 (Dec. 23, 2009). PHOTO OVERLOAD again.

With our desire to go to many Hongkong tourist spots as much as possible because of our short stay there, we cut our OCEAN PARK trip from 10am up to 4pm only so that we'll be able to go to THE PEAK. My nieces and nephews who enjoyed all the rides inside the Ocean Park are somewhat disappointed that we'll leave early but they have no choice.

From Ocean Park we ride a bus to go to the THE PEAK. When we arrived there's a long line and huge crowd, we've almost back out bec. we need to be back at Holiday Inn by 7:30 pm for our dinner with my sis and her family. Anyway, fortunately we have our OCTOPUS Card with us bec. that saved us from falling in line just to get our tickets.
We waited our turn to board at THE PEAK TRAM, but there are instances where there is a commotion bec. everyone wants to ride the tram first. There are annoying tourists beside me who wanted to get board ahead of me.
The Peak Tram waiting
Look at the huge crowd waiting at the Peak tram, I could not even take a decent shot (sorry it's blurry)
Anyway, it was already dark when we got inside the train and it slowly got up, moving in a very steep position. We are so amazed bec. you could see the buildings below and we are just getting up so high. The lights and the view was amazing.
bagay ba kami? lolhala hipuan ba ng pwet si bruce lee.. LOL
posing with the wax statue of Bruce Lee at Madam Tussaud

We got inside but we didn't go to the viewing room anymore because we are in a hurry so just posed for some photos and went to the PEAK market to buy some souvenirs because the next day is our flight already and we have no more time.

They are hurrying us up bec. we need to be in time for the dinner hosted by my sis and bro in law in a chinese resto that they have reserved for us. We are just so tired after going to the Ocean park then at the Peak, it's like we crazy going from one place to another. Too bad we run out of time to roam around the premises of THE PEAK.
The peak market, The peak market,
Later that night we had a dinner at a resto and when we got to our hostel we are just oh soooooo tired but I still stayed up late to pack our bags.

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