Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Building a House Soon

My vacationing sister Joy and her family from Sydney is about to leave in few more days. They had their vacation here since Dec. 24th and I reckon they enjoyed our Christmas and New Year celebration that we had here because it’s far different from what they normally do back in Australia.

Her 2 young kids whom came here for the 1st time had a blast playing, riding the jeepney and the tricycle for the 1st time hahaha and playing with their cousins. I’m sure they’ll miss their fun times together and I’ll not blame tem if they’ll gonna ask my sis to have another vacay here in the future. I will just share some photos of them here soon; I’ve just been overloaded with photos of different events last year so I need to post them one at a time.

Like I said, my sis and family will be going back in Australia on Saturday and I heard that they will start their dream house building as soon as they got back there. I know it’ll be one heck of a tough project that they’ll have but I guess if they have the right contractor and right suppliers, their house will be built in a snap.

Knowing my broinlaw and sis, it is in their minds already that they will only put quality furniture in their house. Not to forget all that little details in the living room bedroom, kitchen and more. Discount Faucets can make them save as well, but since they are in Aus. and is based in the US, I think it’ll be impossible to import such products to them.

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