Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Do List

Wow it's past 12 midnight already and here I am still wide away. Been away from the computer since morning and it's only this afternoon that I was able to read mails, etc. It's only after dinner as well when I to do some online stuff so I'm extending my waking hours. I'll just wake up a bit late tomorrow, oops I mean later today.

As was thinking what to blog right this moment, I can't help but to blame myself for being so slack lately and promised myself to do these asap.
1. resize Christmas, new year, and other events and upload them at my flickr acct.
2. burn photos of my sister Joy's Pinas vacation at DVD so that Micah will bring it in Sydney next week.
3. download tons of more photos from my DLSR and point and shoot cam

If I can do all of that this week then I'll be more organized!!

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