Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Ole' Days

Sad, I have not reconnected with my bestfriend Adel in college since last quarter of year of 2009 and I miss her already. She forgot to text me on my b-day in Nov. and I also missed texting her on her bday last December. Hmmm.. I guess we are both busy those days and I don't think that we already forgot each other, no way!.

We are both friends way back in our Med. Tech. years and while she landed a job right away from college as a medical technologist in an STD testing clinic, she didn't stay there long enough for her salary is not that good. She works in a different and bigger hospital later on, then on a special clinic where they test HIV too and now she is doing great in her career as a senior Med. Tech. and I'm very happy for her.

I hope I can see her in the future as well and talk about our good old days.

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