Saturday, February 13, 2010

Excited for our Upcoming EB

Our US based co-digiscrappers/twittermate friends GLO and Trin are already in the country for their vacation once again. Trin was here last year and we had a get together party where Bebots (as we call ourselves) meet Trin at BSA Tower in Makati last April 2009.

This year, Glo came home so we are going to have a Grand EB on Feb. 19th and this event is something that we should not miss. Glo and Trin will be hosting the party and for sure this will be one super riot party just like last year. Our friends Zanne who is from Cotabato and Diane from Albay will be flying just to be at the grand EB.

I remember last year we stayed up late having some girl talks and all of us are catching our breaths after laughing so hard. Topics discussed are wide ranged from digi-scrapping, love life, quick weight loss tips, shopping, chismis, celebrities and lots more. This year there's no doubt that we'll be laughing and making chismis once again. See you girls!!

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