Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Her 1st Time to Eat Balot!! Have You?

My niece Micah (who had a vacation here in Pinas last year) was dared by his cousin to eat balot one night after they went for a body massage. She has never eaten it simply because there's no balot in Sydney hihi.

Balot (balut) is a boiled fertilized duck egg and it is usually eaten with salt while some prefer to put vinegar on it. Balot are sold on the streets, you can easily find one being sold on side streets inside a basket and sometimes there are vendors roaming around yelling "Balot.. balot!! balot is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Anyway, here's Micah trying her first taste of balut! She was a excited to know how it tastes and how it looks like so without any qualms she gave it a try and in the end she liked it.

sipping the balot soup

amazed to see the duck's beak and <<><<><>her 1st bite
giving a thumbs up of approval
I also love balot but I don't eat that often. What about you, do you eat balot?


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