Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally..... I'm not a Loser Anymore.. LOL!

Finally after million years, I joined I've been postponing it not until this afternoon. I have lots of friends plus my SIL, my nieces and nephews have been encouraging me to join Facebook but I always turned down their request simply because I don't see the need to have an account there. I just thought that it will also become an inactive acct like that of my Friendster acct. because after such time I became too lazy to update.
I never thought I will join FB's bandwagon, but this afternoon when I saw some photos of my cousins in the US at my sister-in-law's account, I realized I needed to re-connect with them even on facebook. After resizing some pics and setting aside my research about pond fountains, I went to Facebook.

I started adding friends but when I try to confirm my e-mail address it got some errors so I had to sign up once again and fortunately I got in smoothly. Now I'm uploading some photos, adding more friends and learning my way around there. I know in no time I'll be connecting to more of my friends and relatives. I just hope I will not become an addict as well, might as well veer away from the games. Now, I have more reasons to stay up late in the evenings to check on my FB acct. :)


  1. hope you are not stuck with the game in FB it will make you sleepless nights Lol..

  2. @Genius.. that is what I'm praying lol.. fortunately I have not opened any games yet

  3. Add mo ako. let's be neighbor in Cafe world. ahehehe ;)

  4. welcome to FB wagon, Jenn!

    Add mo ako ha. Arlene Collado. tnx. :)


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