Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time to Declutter and Organize

I still have lots of clothes and other stuff given by my sis Joy to be put away and put in proper storage. Some are still lying on the floor while some needs to washed or ironed. I need to have some time to do all of that but I still feel lazy hehe. Last holidays, sis Joy sent us 7 balikbayan boxes full of toys, clothes (new and hand downs), house items and lots more that she accumulated. They also recently transferred home so all her not used or will not be used items in the house are put in the back to be used us here.

Many have been blessed with all the stuff that she gave, there are more in the big boxes but we didn’t gave it away yet. My niece also left some of her clothes back to Sydney so I was able to use some while I gave some jeans and shirts to my niece. Looks like we need some more space in the house to have room for all our extra stuff, a self-storage maybe like what they have in California. People ‘round there are also having problems with their space and storage so they are opting for self-storage. has Anaheim Self Storage and in other locations giving people a safe place to store and manage their personal or even business stuff.

BTW, I also need to de-clutter and organize my closet and give them to my niece. It’s just give and take. The house looks like a big storage place and like what my sis Joy said it looks small now because of all the decors and things that we have. Ooopps.. I better get things organize and make our house more clutter-free.

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