Monday, February 22, 2010

Grand Bebots/Twitter Friends EB at Astoria

It was last Friday (Feb. 19th) when we all gathered together at Astoria Plaza Hotel for our grand EB with the balikbayans Glo and Trin who came all the way from the US to meet us all. I came around 11:30 am and later on Bebots came one by one either alone or with their families' in tow. Some also checked in at Astoria to spend the night there. Astoria is a nice hotel near Shaw Blvd., the room was spacious to accommodate us, it got some nice decors and amenities.

We are 21 all in all but sadly Kathy didn't make it that day because of unforeseen circumstances that's why we only talked to her at YM and envy her. It sure be fun it was there in Astoria. We ate all day, played Pinoy Henyo game, there was also a raffle and endless chit chats. It was a RIOT!!.
(L-R) Top: Jacqui, Mich, Trin, Joy, Glo, Thea, Peach, Alpha, Jody, Kaje, Abie, Zanne, Aggie
(l-R) bottom: Buge, Diane, Toni, Abie C, Mai, Jen, Rache
It was so fun that I will not forgive myself if I did not attend. We only met online via digi-scrapping forum in 2007 and twitter and there we bonded and formed a special friendship that we all can cherish.

Some left at around 10 or 11 pm while me, Buge, Zanne, and Diane stayed at Glo's room where we still chatted to early morning, Me, Zanne and Diane slept in one bedroom still talked till 2:30 am lol we were so sleepy by It's fun to meet you all girls. Hope we can bond once again soon!

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