Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer Diseases and How Can We Prevent Them

Now that summer is fast approaching and the weather and temperature is getting hot each day, we can only pray that we'll not be hit by summer diseases. Here are Summer Diseases:
1. Sore Eyes
2. Pneumonia
3. Skin Rashes (Prickly heat (bungang araw), bulutong tubig (chicken pox) etc.)
4. Dehydration
5. Heat Stroke

Kids and babies are the ones we need to make extra precautions during summer, prickly heat and now that TIGDAS or measles has been reported to be an outbreak. For mommies out there, you need to be alert and keen on noticing changes in your child's health for these days being sick is so expensive and you don't want to see your children in the hospital lying in bed with either oxygen, pulse oximeter or dextrose attach to them.

We have to make sure that we drink lots of water or juices to keep us hydrated, keep our backs dry (most especially kids), stay out of the sun, drink vitamins, put sunblock and we need to stay away from people with sore eyes or skin skin lesions.

Wow it's so darn hot yesterday afternoon that I almost got dehydrated after running a quick errand and going to the nearby tiangge at our place. It's not only exhausting but it's burning to the skin, that always reminds me that too much staying in the sun not only makes our skin dark but it can be prone to fatal skin cancers.


  1. "We have to make sure that we drink lots of water or juices to keep us dehydrated" I think it must be "hydrated"

  2. hi thanks for the heads up.. typo error.. i've already edited it.


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