Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jollibee Party for Bebots and Kids

After the fun and grand Bebots/twitter friends EB at Astoria last Feb. 19th, we all attended the Jollibee party at Blue Wave in Pasay City given by Glo to all the Bebots kids. It was a lot of fun I can say because not only the kids enjoyed but we adults enjoyed it as well.
I'm so happy to have been part of these fun group that started online, we have really bonded through the years. Our conversations are endless from our love and hobby digital scrapbooking, photography, parenting, income generating sidelines, food, celebrities/gossips, travels and even insurance online, we never fail to share our ideas and thoughts. I hope we'll have more gatherings like EB and or party.
Bebots Mommies and daddies playing games. Kuya Louie (party host) went crazy because they are so "game" to take part on the contest
Little Abi, enjoyed watching Jollibee dancing


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