Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Desire to Drive

I always envy those that can drive a car most especially women. In other countries it’s not surprising to women drive cars for it is really a must and a necessity to drive. Back here at home, not all women know how to drive or even have a desire to drive since we have lots of mode of transportation that is readily available. There’s the jeepney which I think is the most used mode, buses, metro rail transit, tricycles, fx/taxis, and pedicabs.

My cousin just recently learned how to drive when she enrolled in a driving school and she’s encouraging me to do the same for she says it’s quite liberating. Tension and being scared will be there while learning but she overcame it with flying colors.

With her husband abroad, she conditioned herself to drive and she’s driving with confidence now. I also have a desire to drive a car but knowing myself and my limitations, I reckon I’ll be hard to convinced to drive a car even if it is a Toyota, kia or even a ford mustang which is also know for it’s sleek features and performance.

Hmmm.. Maybe one day when I’m ready to set my foot on the gas or breaks and my hands on the stirring wheel, no one’s gonna stop me form doing what I desire.

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